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About Me?

I am from Kurdistan, the north of Iraq. I was born in one of the most wonderful cities of Kurdistan in the city of Sulaimani (Al-Suleimaniyah) where I spent some years of my early childhood. Then I moved to the city of Hawler (Erbil) at the age of six where I started my education and stayed there until I completed my first university degree. Then I moved back to Sulaimani and started my job at the UN World Health Organization as an IT specialist.

In 2005 I decided to go abroad to pursue further my education in the field of computing. Therefore, I moved to the United Kingdom to the city of Nottingham to start my post graduate education at the Nottingham Trent University (NTU). I lived in Nottingham for around five years. Then left back to my country and my city in late 2010 after I finished my PhD.

I always enjoyed studying and enjoyed being a student because I have always been a successful student. Being a student gave me the feeling that I update and probably get more knowledge continuously in my life. Therefore, I was always studying since I started my primary school in 1982 until I finished my PhD in 2010.

Although I enjoy studying and it has been always a main part of my life, I do believe that life is a set of tasks, enjoyments and responsibilities. Responsibility towards everybody and everything in life. That is why I never gave all my life to my studying, or to work for that matter, and I have always tried to give every aspect of life its time and attention. Fortunately I have managed to do so with a good success until now.

I am married from a very lovely and great wife, and have three amazing children that fill my life with joy and my heart with love, and I get all the respect and love that any father in the world dreams of. I have also had, and have, many great friends that I share and spend time with. I am also the oldest of seven children in my family with all brothers and sisters giving me great respect.