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I believe one of the secrets of success is going beyond the requirements. This is one of my advises to my students all the time. Therefore, in addition to my formal duties, whether at NTU or at AUIS, and whether a full-time student, a full-time faculty member, or a full-time administrator, I have always gone above and beyond the requirements. I have always worked hard on having additional contributions through initiatives, projects, activities, and have always left my personal touches and individual impact.

I have had many successful activities and projects, but at the cost of many more failed attempts! But that is how it works. You have to keep trying. Some times it is a hit and some other times it is a miss. What is important is that the failed ones are forgotten and the successful ones remain.

I have listed some of the initiatives, activities, and projects that I have worked on, as a reference here as well as inspiration for others who share the same DNAs.

One Hour of Code

I was invited to oversee and participate in the first ever event of One Hour of Code for Kids in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The event took place on Saturday, August 5, 2017 in the city of Sulaimani. I was very much moved and excited to see over 60 kids, aged between 6 and

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UNDP’s Innovation for Development Seminar

I was invited by the project manager of UNDP’s Innovation for Development project to deliver a one-hour seminar on Creativity and Creative Thinking. I was honored and very glad to have the opportunity. There was a total of 62 smart and engaging participants from many cities around the country. I really enjoyed the experience and

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Five One Labs Workshop on Design Thinking and Entrepreneurial Process

AUIS hosted a workshop for a group of participants from the Nishtiman Youth Network and AUIS students on Design Thinking and Entrepreneurial Process. The workshop was offered by Five One Labs and it took place on the afternoon of Monday, July 24, 2017 on the AUIS campus. I was happy and thankful to be given the

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Addressing Three Societal Misconceptions About Starting Your Own Business

We need to educate the young graduates of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan and lead them into a new ecosystem; an ecosystem where they can survive and thrive and where they can serve the future of the society’s economic stability and growth, an ecosystem of business startups and entrepreneurship. I share my opinion addressing three societal misconceptions

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