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Research Center (CIDA)

The Center for Informatics and Data Analytics (CIDA)

The Center for Informatics and Data Analytics at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani is a research, consultancy and training center that aims to support the government, private sector and the civic society, with the use of data science, to make more informative, data-driven decisions on multiple levels.

We reveal about ourselves much more than we know through our daily interactions of various digital platforms. The quality and quantity of the data that is generated through our interactions with these platforms is rapidly increasing. With data science and data analytics our use of this data is rapidly increasing too. Measuring, learning, and predicting people behavior are becoming a significant part of today’s decision making. Because of the potential value in analyzing the plethora of data that is continuously generated, some call data analytics and data science “the next oil”.

The Vision

The vision of CIDA is to contribute to the government’s, business’s, and society’s growth and development through empowering data-driven decision-making.

The Mission

The mission of CIDA is to promote research, stimulate consultancy, and provide trainings by working as a hub for all likeminded people who explore, value, and use the power of informatics and data analytics.

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