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One of the most common models of studying for a PhD in the United Kingdom (UK) is purely research based, starting from day one. Therefore, my journey into academic research started with the start of my PhD at the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the UK. Throughout my PhD, I conducted academic research by forming research questions, performing literature review, devising research methodologies, evaluating and testing research hypotheses, and presenting findings and conclusions. I completed my PhD with a good number of academic publications and presentations in international conferences and journals, which in itself is a significant part of the experience and knowledge of conducting academic research.

As an academician however, academic research does not end with the end of obtaining your PhD. Although my duties at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) have diverted me from doing much research recently, I continue to have strong desires and work hard for academic research. Driven by the same desires and interests, I recently founded the Center for Informatics and Data Analytics (CIDA), a research, consultancy and training center that aims to support the government, private sector and the civic society, with the use of data science, to make more informative, data-driven decisions on multiple levels.

My PhD research remains a big pride for me since the knowledge and the reward are what paved the road for me to have today’s experience, job, and confidence. Also, my interest and desire for academic research continues to increase and become stronger.

Please, feel free to navigate through my research related contents and contact me if you require any further details on any aspects of my research.