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Research Center (CIDA)

The Center for Informatics and Data Analytics (CIDA) The Center for Informatics and Data Analytics at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani is a research, consultancy and training center that aims to support the government, private sector and the civic society, with the use of data science, to make more informative, data-driven decisions on multiple

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ITE305 (MBA): Information Systems for Managers

Course Description: Fundamental and advanced information systems are introduced while maintaining a technical and behavioral perspective on all topics. The course emphasizes awareness of the managerial, organizational, and technological dimensions of today’s digital firms and intensively examines both the Information and IT architectures needed to support creativity and innovation in business processes. A special emphasis

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STT201: Introductory Statistics

Course Description This course studies the fundamentals of Statistics, including Probability, the Laws of Chance, Statistical Measures (mean, mode, median, scatter, standard deviation, skewness) and Descriptive Statistics (with attention to frequency distributions, and the use and interpretation of tables, graphs and charts), Statistical Distributions (binomial, Poisson, normal), Statistical Analysis (with attention to correlation analysis and

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