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Addressing Three Societal Misconceptions About Starting Your Own Business

We need to educate the young graduates of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan and lead them into a new ecosystem; an ecosystem where they can survive and thrive and where they can serve the future of the society’s economic stability and growth, an ecosystem of business startups and entrepreneurship. I share my opinion addressing three societal misconceptions

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IRIS Roundtable on Entrepreneurship

On June 19, 2017 IRIS (The Institute for Regional and International Studies) at AUIS arranged for a very fruitful roundtable discussion on entrepreneurship, titled, “Barriers & Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region”. The event is part of a larger initiative to promote entrepreneurship and startups in Iraq and the KRI. This initiative includes: The production of a report

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Thursday THANK YOUs

I have initiated Thursday THANK YOUs, which is a campaign to promote appreciation and gratitude among coworkers. Interestingly, as it is always the case with social entrepreneurship, it has moved beyond THANK YOUs only to coworkers, and definitely beyond Thursdays. The campaign has a Facebook Group and can be followed here.