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PhD Apparatus

Mobile Robot Used in Phase One: The mobile robot used in phase one of the research is a modified powered wheelchair base. It is equipped with an onboard low power consumption PC, a Netburner controller and two IP based Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. The whole system is designed to be controlled remotely through wireless networking. Therefore the

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ITS310: Physical Computing and Robotics

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of sensing and controlling the physical world with computers. It covers aspects of embedded programming and automation systems, microcontrollers and electronic circuit boards, and robotics. It expands the students’ understandings to go beyond the common stereotype for computers. It is mainly a practical oriented course with

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ITE410: IT Capstone

Course Description: The capstone module offers students the opportunity to develop their analytical and critical skills in an IT project based on a topic, selected by the student, which will be approved and supervised by a member of the teaching team. Project implementation requires the student to implement their design and make any justified modification

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