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Teaching at AUIS

After I completed my PhD from the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the United Kingdom in September 2010, I returned back to Sulaimani, my home town in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. I joined the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) as a full-time faculty member in the department of Information Technology (IT).

Since then I have had the pleasure and pride of teaching many different courses at AUIS, most of which I have designed, developed, and offered myself for the first time.

I have changed positions a few times at AUIS and served full-time administration duties with no teaching at times, but I believe that I can do a much better job and leave a more significant impact as a teacher than any other roles that I have been asked to do. Therefore, gladly and proudly, I currently continue to serve as a full-time Assistant Professor of Information Technology at AUIS.

Brief descriptions and syllabus excerpts of some of the courses that I have taught at AUIS can be found here for people with certain questions and/or interest in the courses.

CSC201: Creative Coding and Computing

Course Description: This course introduces students to one of the most modern tools used in the creation of contemporary arts: creative coding and computing. It teaches creative coding and computer programming as a form of expression rather than a form of solution. It uses computing as a powerful and flexible tool to stimulate creativity and

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ITE305 (MBA): Information Systems for Managers

Course Description: Fundamental and advanced information systems are introduced while maintaining a technical and behavioral perspective on all topics. The course emphasizes awareness of the managerial, organizational, and technological dimensions of today’s digital firms and intensively examines both the Information and IT architectures needed to support creativity and innovation in business processes. A special emphasis

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ITS310: Physical Computing and Robotics

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of sensing and controlling the physical world with computers. It covers aspects of embedded programming and automation systems, microcontrollers and electronic circuit boards, and robotics. It expands the students’ understandings to go beyond the common stereotype for computers. It is mainly a practical oriented course with

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STT201: Introductory Statistics

Course Description This course studies the fundamentals of Statistics, including Probability, the Laws of Chance, Statistical Measures (mean, mode, median, scatter, standard deviation, skewness) and Descriptive Statistics (with attention to frequency distributions, and the use and interpretation of tables, graphs and charts), Statistical Distributions (binomial, Poisson, normal), Statistical Analysis (with attention to correlation analysis and

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